The International Fellowship of Hope is lighting Candles by:

1)Providing a home and food for a woman in Cebu that had nowhere to turn.

2)Providing student loan and grants for college students in Cebu and Manila that had no other Hope for a college education and a brighter future.

3)Providing dental care for several men, women and children in Cebu.

4)Providing a way to earn AA and NA materials for alcoholics and addicts in jails, plus an income and food for homeless families by making and distributing Rosarios de Sangre de Cristo and Rosarios de Spiritu Sancto.

5)Providing free training and certification in Reiki Massage therapy to students in Leyte, Davao and Cebu.

6)Providing school expenses for 15 children in Ormoc City, Leyte enabling them to attend elementary school.

7)Provided school expenses: tuition, fees, uniforms for  children in Davao City, Mindanao Philippines.

8)Providing Medical and Dental care for a families in Davao, Cebu, and Leyte.

9)Providing internet service for students in Leyte for study and research.

10)Providing communication stipends for phone/text service for volunteers of IFOH.

11)Providing a job with a small stipend for a volunteer for IFOH that has served as a volunteer working tirelessly and selflessly for over a year.

12)IFOH has recently provided surgery for a blind man in Argao to help restore his sight, medical care for a widow with high blood pressure, heart medication for an elderly man, and asthma medicine for a 10 year old child.

13)IFOH donated all the necessary material to repair a roof on a Chapel in Campo.

14)IFOH has helped support Habitat for Humanity in Mindanao Philippines and Colorado USA.

15)IFOH started working to build a retreat, recovery, and meeting house in Campo for Alcoholics in 2013.

16)IFOH is developing a parcel land to provide housing and work for recovering alcoholics and their families in Guizo.

17)FOH has provided grants and student loans to scholars in Cebu, Leyte and Manila.

18)IFOH has provided a small business loan to a single woman in Cebu.

19) IFOH has paid rent for several families in Colorado to keep them in their homes.

20) IFOH has provided down payments to help families purchase their own homes in USA..

21) IFOH volunteers have visited jails in USA and Philippines providing free alcohol and drug counseling.

22) IFOH helps fund workshops for alcoholics and addicts to help them recover.

23) IFOH has helped families with expenses to place family members into alcohol and drug rehab facilities in the Philippines.

24) IFOH has helped a small child in Philippines with family expenses, travel, and arranging appointments for Operation Smile.

25)IFOH has helped a family in Colorado with expenses for a family member with cancer.

26) IFOH has provided burial space in a cemetery and helped with funeral expenses in the Philippines.

27) IFOH is helping to drill a water well to bring much needed water to a remote area in southern Cebu Island.

Examples of how little it takes to bring Hope to someone:

Tuition and fees for an elementary student in Leyte for 1 year: $30.00 (just 30 candles to light)

A kilo of rice will provide 2 meals for a family of four a kilo of rice costs about 75 cents (just a single dollar ensures 2 meals!)


If you would like to help light a candle of Hope please make your contribution now….no amount is too small and every dollar donated brings Hope to someone somewhere….

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